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Wax Seal Stick

Wax Seal Stick

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These versatile wax sticks work with household glue guns, making sealing a breeze. With each stick, you can create 5-7 beautiful seals, bringing a personal touch to your special invitations. Made with premium wax, they ensure flawless, decorative finishes. Price is per stick.

5.3" (13.5cm) Long x 7/16" (1cm) Diameter
Each stick makes 5-7 seals

How to Use:
1. Prepare your wax seal sticks and a glue gun. Ensure that your glue gun is clean and free of any residual glue.
2. Insert a wax seal stick into the glue gun, just like you would insert a glue stick. Make sure it fits securely in place.
3. Plug in the glue gun and allow it to heat up according to the manufacturer's instructions. Usually, it takes a few minutes for the glue gun to reach the proper temperature.
4. Once the glue gun is heated, hold it at a slight downward angle to prevent any dripping of hot wax.
5. Squeeze the trigger of the glue gun to dispense the melted wax onto the desired surface. Apply enough pressure to form a seal of the desired size.
6. Before the wax cools and hardens completely, quickly press a wax seal stamp onto the melted wax to create an impression.
7. Hold the stamp firmly in place for a few seconds to ensure a clean and defined impression.
Gently lift the stamp away from the wax, being careful not to smudge or distort the design.
Allow the wax to cool and harden fully before handling or mailing the sealed item.

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